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EU Visa Point


rutland ježek, law firm would like to present to foreign private individuals a brief comparison of immigation policies of selected EU countries. We are gladly prepared to coordinate placement of our clients to the following countries according to their preferences or their business needs.


Comparison of immigration policy of selected EU Member states



Hungary has a system of bonds, which are similar to government debentures. Assuming 250,000 EUR investment in these bonds the candidate will be provided with five years of permanent residence for him and his family (his spouse and two children), this is known as a ,,Visa for investor''. After five years of residence here, the candidate will be able to apply for a Hungarian passport. In addition to the above mentioned investment in amount of 250,000 EUR, it is necessary to calculate the cost of about 50,000 EUR for government fees and for an average remuneration of an agent. The duration of the procedure is usually 6-7 months. Detailed course, required documents, etc., can be found at




Spain provides a special program for investors who invest at least 500,00 EUR in property or portfolio of a company in Spain. After this investment the investors get the visa for a stay which will be extended after the first year, then again after the other two and then after the last two years. These obstacles in lengthening the visa serve to that is always verified that the ownership of bought real estate lasts. After five years, however, the visa is already renewed for an indefinite period of time. This visa is granted for a spouse and dependent children. The advantage is that it does not require any prior residence. This visa, however, is not a work permission, which will be automatically acquired after 5 years of residence. Another disadvantage is that the acquisition of such property can't be financed out of the midst of a loan (Source: Work visas for third countries citizens are considered in a different mode - after arriving to Spain, with agreed contract of employment, you need to log in to the provincial office of the Ministry of Labor. To arrange a work visa from outside of Spain it is possible at the Spanish Consulate in state where the applying person has citizenship, however in this case it is necessary to obtain a certifying letter from Spain's immigration office.


Details on working visas are stated here:




In Lithuania, it is possible to gain so called TRP - temporary residence permit/visa on the basis of either depositing funds into the Lithuanian Bank, or investing in property, or establishing a new company. When you deposit funds into the bank, the minimum required amount is 300,000 EUR, in case of investment in real estates, the minimum amount is 72,000 EUR outside the major cities, while in the capitals the amount of the investment is 172,000 EUR. When founding a company in Lithuania the need to insert the registered capital is in amount of 36,000 EUR. In addition administrative fees are charged in the amount of 2,000 to 4,000 EUR depending on the method of obtaining the temporary residence from the above. To create a new business in Lithuania it is necessary to obtain so-called invitation from the State of Lithuania. Investors on the basis of fulfillment of the above mentioned criteria will be provided with 5-year residence permit with annual renewal and also with residence permit for all the family members who accompany the investor. At the same time the visa includes a permission to work and freedom of movement in all EU countries. (Source: At present, however, in Lithuania is increasing social pressure to strengthen those provisions with either revocation of this business visas or at least increasing the input amounts.





Business visa - for gaining the approval for business visa to Sweden it is required to submit the following documents - 1) an application for a visa to Schengen area, 2) annex A - completed questionnaire, signed, 3) valid passport photos, 4) an invitation from a Swedish company with the reasons why it is desirable to establish applicants business in Sweden, 5) motivation letter. Visa will not be approved earlier than 3 months in advance and does not automatically include free entry to the Schengen area, therefore it is needed to have all the documents when crossing the borders. (Source: After approving the foregoing documents, the authorities will issue residency permit and on the grounds of that, it is necessary to re-apply for a business superstructure. (Source:



the Netherlands


In addition to meeting the general criteria for obtaining the residency permit (Stated on the following web page:, it is necessary to obtain a permission for establishing a company and prove that the company will meet a purpose which is in the interest of the state. When establishing a company, all steps are considered by so-called Agentschap NL, branch of the Dutch Ministry of Trade. The consideration is based on a system of points, when the following three criteria are taken under consideration - business experiences of the applicant, business plan and possible benefits for the Kingdom of Netherlands.


Japanese and US citizens have the access facilitated with not having the need to prove the benefits for the Kingdom of Netherlands. When applying also for the residency permit, it is needed to submit various types of documents, mainly the certificates on education, the bookkeeping, business plan, the audit ranking, certificate on registration in the Dutch Commercial Registry, proofs on planned investments in the Netherlands, proofs on commercial relations in the Netherlands and experiences in doing business with the Netherlands. The administrative fee is now 1,250 EUR and is non-reversible in case the application is dismissed. The whole procedure usually takes about 90 days.


Details can be found on:




To obtain the opportunity of starting business in Denmark it is necessary to apply at the appropriate authority - the Danish immigration service, which will evaluate the application according to following criteria: 1) specific interests of Denmark in allowing such business, 2) accounting documentation of the applicant, which proves that his company has enough financial resources to run a business and enough initial financial support, 3) physical presence of the applicant during the registration procedure (interviews) and applicant's everyday participation on the functioning of the company. If the applicant only has a share in the profits of the company (for example is one of the shareholders), there is not automatic entitlement to receive a permit to stay. Under all other circumstances, this right arises automatically, although the permission to stay is granted only for one year and after every year it has to be renewed. The applicant's wife and children under 18 don't obtain the right to stay automatically, but have to apply for that separately from the applicant, while applying they have to prove that their presence is essential to maintain the coherence of the family and they have to have the same address in Denmark as the applicant. The administrative fee is normally 4,015 DKK.




In Ireland, there is implemented so-called immigration investment program, which allows certain investors from outside the EU/European Economic Community to obtain visa valid up to five years with numerous entries and leaves, including the same rights for immediate family. To be eligible for the visa it is necessary to: 1) invest at least 500,000 EUR in aggregate investment to either newly emerging Irish companies or existing companies, during at least 3 years, 2) invest at least 1,000,000 EUR to the state bond with a low interest rate for at least 5 years, 3) mixed investment consisting from 450,000 EUR invested in real estate and 500,000 EUR invested in the state bond, 4) investing at least 500,000 EUR in managed fund which will invest the amount in Irish companies. Special conditions have applicants starting original and for the Republic of Ireland profitable start-up business, who only have to invest for the purpose of establishing such firm an amount of 75,000 EUR in Ireland. Successful applicants obtain two year visa with permission to stay which can be extended for another three years. After five years of legal stay these applicants have the right to apply for long-term residence permission. All these rights automatically belong to the closest family members.





Malta is currently implementing the individual investor program, which should be operational from 2014. This program will be based on the fact that investors who insert (permanently) the amount of 650,000 EUR in the Maltese National Development Fund, will be entitled to receive the Maltese passport without undergoing any conditions of their residence on Malta, however, the candidates will be subjected to thorough due diligence of their enterprises by the Maltese Agency established for that purpose. Estimated duration of the whole process should be 3-4 months. For investors wife and child will be charged the amount of 25,000 EUR for each, plus for illegitimate children (aged 18-25) and dependent parents will be charged the amount of 50,000 EUR for each. (Source:




Cyprus provides two ways to obtain a residence permit against an investment . For persons falling within the range of categories F, according to Cypriot immigration tables, therefore, are mainly retired or no longer working, there is a possibility of getting the immigration permit (in content it is identical with a temporary long-term residence) under the following conditions: 1) investment in the amount of 300,000 EUR in real estate, 2) the annual income of 20.000 EUR which comes from abroad and will be stored in Cypriot banks, 3) criminal records, 4) the person will be restricted from working on Cyprus or being employed there. In case that all foregoing criteria are fulfilled it is needed to attach a documentary evidence of purchase of the real estate and proof of imposing the devices in Cypriot bank with the application. Candidates will be allowed to stay and granted with unlimited number of enters to Cyprus for a period of 1 year. After 5 years of legal residence they will be able to obtain citizenship. The second category of people are investors, they are immediately entitled to acquire Cypriot citizenship and passport when investing financial resources in the amount of 5,000,000 EUR in real estate, or 3,000,000 EUR to banks, other conditions are a clean criminal record and transparent business accounting. (Source: