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rutland ježek provides for its clients legal advice on all aspects of Czech immigration law, in particular as regards the following:


  • Czech business 6 months long term visas
  • Extention of 6 months visas
  • Czech long term residency permits (dlouhodobý pobyt) (work, business)
  • Confirmations of temporary residence for EU nationals - complete registration
  • Temporary residence permits for family members of EU/Czech nationals from third countries
  • Employee Cards
  • Blue Cards
  • Czech permanent residency permits (trvalý pobyt)
  • Czech citizenship
  • Family reunification
  • Business immigration to the Czech Republic
  • Schengen record inquiries
  • Specialists in appeals of Czech visa rejection
  • Deportation and extradition specialists
  • Asylum denial appeals


rutland ježek is one of the leading Czech immigration law firms with extensive experience in all matters of Czech immigration law. We also provide legal advice for Americans, Australians and Canadians.


Brexit: law firm rutland jezek offers to British citizens in connection with Brexit:


  1. Helping with registration of  UK citizens residing in the Czech Republic with the Czech authorities. British citizens are still considered as EU nationals and do not need visa to stay in the Czech Republic at present, but they have a registration duty.

  2. We are also helping our British clients with obtaining the confirmation of temporary residence, permanent residence permit and Czech citizenship.


As the Czech immigration policy became recently very restrictive, it is necessary to prepare all documents for any type of Czech visa application professionally and pay close attention to any required documents. In addition, in case of rejection of an application either for initial entry visa or prolongation of long-term residency permit, the participation of well qualified and experienced Czech immigration lawyer in the appeal procedure is absolutely necessary.


Please note that there are many visa agencies on the Czech market that sell companies and promise to obtain visa for their clients just on the basis of the ownership of the company. However, it is almost impossible to succeed and obtain visa this way. Since the satisfaction of our clients is at the first place for us, we will never promise to any of our clients anything that cannot be fulfilled.


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